Upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS free

Get an advanced speed after doing this for free.

What happens when you are willing to make a website and become popular ,for which you buy Domain and hosting and after purchase you realize that your domain is based on HTTP. Sometimes you ignore this thing as a result you ends up by 0 traffic . What are the things you doing wrong while designing a website ,The one of it comes HTTP . If you want that you can ride any website with HTTP you are wrong even Google promotes only HTTPS website. How about if I tells you that you can Upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS for free ,here’s how it is.

Visit a website named cloudflare.com Through which you can do it free. Follow the below steps to know..


STEP 1- Sign up on cloud-flare with your G-mail id and a new password.

STEP 2- Enter your website URL and Cloud-flare will provide you a name-servers .Go to your domain settings and change your Name-servers with these two.

STEP 3- After that you have to wait 3 hours maximum, when your website status becomes active you can go further.

STEP 4- you will get this type of display

Upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS

STEP 5- Go to crypt o option and Enable Always use HTTPS option.


Now you got a free HTTPS service .

Go back and Choose “Speed ” block. In this blog go to Auto Minify option and tick all.This will reduce your Website coding which makes your site open faster than before

Upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS

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