Top 5 10000Mah powerbanks to buy

Powerbanks become more important for the person who is travelling along cities or even along countries. Despite them normal user too have their own reasons to buy a powerbank but, Do you know which powerbank is best for you. If you are confused don’t worry i am here to help you out . in this post I will tell you about Top 5 10000Mah powerbanks to buy in 2020.The list is specially based for those who don’t want to spend more money and wanted to buy a good one.

Les’s get started rank wise

5-Mi 10000 Mah powerbank

In our list MI comes in rank 5 .Why? because Mi powerbank comes With a very good design but the thing is it’s length that will make you feel uncomfortable while holding .Moreover you cannot easily put it under your pockets. Though Mi mentioned everywhere that this powerbank comes with unique 18W fast charging which can charge it in 4-5 hours. But our upcoming powerbanks supports type c charging that can do the same. except this it have 2 charging slots and led indicator on the up side.Costs only Rs898

4- Syska 10000 mAh Power Bank

Syska delivers goo quality of power-banks no doubt. It also contains 2 charging slots where type cc charging is accepted. If you look at it’s design you feel wow.The only thing that makes it no.4 is it’s length where you get’s up-to 14cm of height that is something big and sometimes you will feel discomfort.Moreover the power-bank is up to the mark and have good battery backup.Cost is Rs 749 on flpkart.


3- Syska 10000 mAh Power Bank

And here’s the powerbank that I purchased in August and believe me it’s good by looks and backup too.Being an honest writer I could have make it on number 1 but my job is to display you the best.Coming to it’s display where it offers upto 9 cm of height only that is smallest in all 5 powerbanks plus it have battery percent indicator in front. In looks nobody can beat it, where every powerbank wins is that they have 2 USB slots but this is only one.Though I bought it for my personal use but if you want to buy for family use ,their’s a drawback. If looking for personal use this is no1. Type c supported Costs rs 899

2- iBall 10000mAh Powerbank

Iball is ranked second because of it’s type c charging support and double USB slots at a very low cost camparable to above 3. The length is little bit more but it’s deserve to be on second. Costs only Rs.699

1- Ambrane PP-11 10000mAH

Now the wait ends the top powerbank is Ambrane PP-11 .It comes with a very attractive u shaped design as well as double slots are available. Moreover, it’s led indicator is placed in front so you can see the charging status of it by standing away. Best thing is it’s cost where it is cheaper than I ball powerbank. In my opinion you should go for it. Costs Rs 649.(price may go up so it’s better to buy these days)

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