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SSd vs HDD

When you buy a PC, you get a free HDD inserted in your CPU. Here we are going to discuss that what if anything faster than HDD. Notice the time taken when you open a big program, the speed will disappoint you sometimes in HDD.Therefore, let’s go to see the battle of SSD vs HDD

Hard disk drive(HDD)

The hard disk was created in 1953 by engineers at IBM who wanted to find a way to provide random access to high capacities of data at a low cost. The disk drives developed were the size of refrigerators, could store 3.75 megabytes of data and began shipping in 1956. Seagate and Western Digital were other early vendors of hard disk drive technology.

SSd vs HDD
Internal Hard-disk

Hard disk drive form-factor size has continued to decrease as the technology evolves. By the mid-1980s, 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch form factors were introduced, and it was at this time they first became a standard in personal computers (PCs).

Hard-disk comes in both Internal type or external type . In fact in today’s technology we have external hard-disk in pocket size and size up to 2GB

SSd vs HDD

Internal HDD are generally available in two RPM. 5400RPM and 7200RPM, 7200RPM delivers 33% faster processing than 5400RPM.

Solid State Drive (SSD)


The earliest commercially designed SSD’s were made with enterprise multi-level cell (enterprise MLC) flash technology, which has enhanced write cycles compared to consumer-grade MLC. Newer enterprise SSDs are being marketed that use triple-level cell (TLC). SSDs made with 3D NAND represent the next evolution. IBM, Samsung and Toshiba have produced and marketed SSDs with 3D NAND, in which flash memory cells are stacked atop one another in vertical layers


Several features characterize the design of an SSD. Because it uses no moving parts, an SSD is not subject to the mechanical failure that occurs with HDDs. It is also quieter and consumes less power than its disk counterpart. And because SSDs weigh less than hard drives, they are good fits for laptop and mobile computing devices.

In short SSD delivers you faster speed than any other HDD but costs little extra than HDD.

1tb of HDD generaally costs rs 3500 and 1tb SSd costs rs5000-5500

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