One plus 7 pro vs Huawei p30 pro,the better option

one plus 7 pro vs huawei p30 pro

Comparison between 7 pro and p30 pro!!!My honest suggestion.

In This Topic,we will discuss the major pros and cons between the brand new one plus 7 pro and huawei p30 pro.

One plus 7 pro!

one plus 7 pro

One plus 7 pro offers you two variants, 6Gb+128Gb as well as 8Gb+256Gb Hence,there is no possibility on phone lagging.You will see snapdragon855 processor out of the box.Talking about the camera, Rear Camera|48MP Primary+ 8MP Telephoto+16MP Ultra-wide ,In short you are getting the beast camera at this price range. With an impressive display of 6.6inch and a curved oled screen it looks too premium. Moreover,the list doesn’t end here. Talking about it’s battery life ,7pro offers 4000Mah battery. One thing is always common that it has oxygen OS.Therefore, all it comes under Rs.55,000.

Huawei p30 pro!

one plus 7

Huawei p30 pro is a bit expensive smartphone but, It’s feature makes it unique. Starting with it’s camera unlike, one plus it has a rear camera of 40MP+20MP+8MP with a support of AIS. Along with this, It has a front camera of 32MP therefore, it can take best selfies. The Huawei offers 10 times optical zoom and up to 50 times digital zoom so,you can click images which is miles away. Like one plus 7 pro , it offers curved screen with 6.5 inch display. Works on android 9 and its 4200Mah battery can save your full day this is my guarantee . A 40 watt super charger makes 80% in just 30 minutes. It is a slightly less weighted as compared with one plus. Huawei is 192 grams where as one plus is 206 grams. Moreover,all this comes in Rs 72,000.

The pro’s battle & who wins!

Both the smartphones are pro version of their base.Look one plus is one month younger competitor than p30 pro hence, it is obvious that there must be increase in technology. Although, if you are curious about battery and wanted fast battery charging, go with p30 pro. Because p30 pro charges nearly 80% in just 30 minutes and 100 % in 55-58 minutes. And talking about one plus it takes 1hr20 minutes to full charge and 45-48% in 30 minutes.Camera lovers can go with one plus as it is more stable but, wait don’t forget that huawei offers 50x zoom.More often, both camera quality are same.Major pro’s with p30 pro is wireless charging which lacks in one plus.While one plus processing speed is slightly high (.24Ghz).

p30 pro

In short, if you love photography you can go with p30 pro and same for battery life. Choose one plus if you want slight high speed,good camera but not good zooming power and full bezel less screen with Compromisable battery. But, it is a fact that one plus is 15k cheaper hence,it lacks some major features which p30 pro owns that’s why.


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