Noise Shots Sport True Wireless Earbuds/Earphones Review

wireless earbud/earphones

It was the time when we all used to purchase headphones or earphones to listen music. Now it’s time for wireless earphones,for the comfort of user.Today I am going to review True wireless earphones from Noise shots.

So lets get started with its battery power first, where it offers you 100 hours of standby and 14 hours of non-stop access.

It is sweat proof device as well as it supports magnetic charging. Moreover it is partnered with siri which helps you to do your tasks freely.

Lightweight, weighs only 100gram.Noise quality is awesome and bluetooth v5.0 is supported.

These earbuds range upto 10 meters means you can do your work with a pleasing music on other room leaving your phone in others.

Should you buy this earphone?

Before advicing you let me tell that the price for this earphone is Rs.2499 only which is affordable for a true wireless gadget.In this era of life everyone is walking for wireless appliances including this so everyone’s prority would be wireless earphones. in Rs.2500 you are getting a good and genuine quality product. Thousands of users already purchased this product and satisfied.In my opinion under Rs.2499 you are getting a good deal just go for it before the prices goes high.

Top2buy will only show you the products which are best suited for you.Because customers comes first.

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