Fantasy Cricket (Fast earning)

Fantasy Cricket! Chance for a big.

Fantasy cricket is sometimes a luck of earning but you can earn atleast some bucks to buy a food daily. In fantasy cricket there we have to make a team of 11 and select a contest for playing ,our points will be credicted according to the players performance. There are contests of Rs 35-10000. If we are playing on the long contest(10000 members and above)

we have very less chance to win . I recommend you to play The matches of 2 members or 4. The earning will be double and there’s 50% chance to win atleast. 

In other point of view , The real money earned by someone in some game will be the owner of website. He used his mind and created a spot to play where he can smoothly win lakhs of rupees in one day. 

For ex- There is a contest of Rupees 180 where you 2 players are allowed each should deposit rs.100 and the total will be 200 in which winner gets Rs.180 and extra 20Rs  will become of owner .In the eve of IPL there are generally 100 of contests of same category shown one by one after getting filled. in each contest he gets Rs.20 ,in 100=Rs.2000. 

Just a single one and he gets 2000 there are more than 50 different ones ,you can imagine.

I will suggest you to make your own fantasy leagues, using wordpress. In my previous blogs i have shown you how to connect wordpress in your site and use full features. It will take 1 month of hard work but there will be wordpress plugins for your help.

There are many sites available for playing ,It depends on your idea how you make it and what will be your system.

                                           THANKS FOR READING!

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