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Best ways to earn money?

Earn money by These Ideas

Today I will suggest you the best ways to earn online ,It takes some time to settle but it’s really good.

Setting up on 

It is very easy process , first you have to make your profile just as Facebook and then select the stream you are intrested to do ex-Website making,logo making,cards making and many more.

          You can earn upto 30-60$ on an average work and if you are pro. you can get 300-500$.

Below is my Earning ,you can see how easy it is.

Youtube Channel

You can make your youtube channel if you have creative things to show the world.Tasks are easy but you have to try well , means try to design your video more attractively. As per the Youtube rule Anyone who is making his channel must have 1000 subscribe. and 4000 watch hours to monetize their channel for earning money.

 An average channel on uploading 1 video per day with 10-30k views each can earn upto Rs. 9000\

 a month.

Making a website

Making a website is somewhat a little tough, first you have to buy a domain and host ,then connect it together .After that,upload your custom site or design it on wordpress. If you want to make a free site ,you can use blogger or wordpress but, in free You will get an extension which is lengthy .

 In paid form you will have to spent rs 1500 -1800 for a year to get domain and hosting form Godaddy.In my next blog I will tell you how to make site with wordpress at its pro mode.

if you are using paid method then you are able to allow google adsense on it .

ADSENSE is an ads distributer which makes ads on your site and you will earn a lot off money trust me even 100000$ , If you have good traffic on your site.

My one..

Drop shipment

Use your brain and start selling products by your own. For example, If you have a product of Rs.600 rs on some store (Amazon). You can make your own store over different stores(ebay) and paste the same product image at increased rate .If anyone purchases it you can simply order it from amazon directly to the ebay customer(use gift wrap). 

Typing work

Simply take the orders of copy pasting of image document on wordpad or notepad. and earn 20rs/page to Rs.80/page . I personally did this work just i had to copy the image content to word and submit it after 20 days. For this type of job you should go to and

Fantasy cricket

You can earn money by playing fantasy cricket. In this you will have to deposit some amount and choose your 11 players. Tha tol fantasy site is Dream 11. Where you can deposit money through bank or paytm. But reedeen your mone only from bank ac. With pan card. 

If you are under 18 and wanted to play and take your winings through paytm only, for that you should go to

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