Best app for aging your image

Since 2-3 weeks their is a challenge active on Social media for which every one is busy in aging their images and uploading them. From Varun Dhawan to Virat kohli everyone is aging their image.

The main work is for the Indian audience, as they are busy in searching for the particular app which is doing it.

Don’t worry because if you are looking at that one app you are at the best station.

Without taking your precious time and moving ahead let me tell you there is only one application which best suits. We are specifying that one only.

The app is called Faceapp, available on Play store. The application is downloaded by over 100Million people and have 4.4star rating.

Best app for aging your image
Best app for aging your image

How it works?

Well Face app uses AI to figure you out that how you will be looking after some years later as well as it can make older people young too.

However for full use of this app you will have to use its pro version which is somewhat chargeable. No other app till now offer you this much.Face app become third most searched application on play store and still increasing.

My face using Face-app

Although foreign countries love their service but there is one issue with Indians and how to solve that, i will be telling below.

Getting error while image processing

Most of the Indian face this if they try to upload their Image.Here’s a great solution for this, what you have to do is follow my points

  • Go to Play store
  • Search for Turbo VPN
  • Install it.
  • Open it and select for free vpn
  • Choose United States
  • Connect it, after connecting re-open Face-app
  • Now it works perfect.
Turbo VPN

Thanks for reading it.This problem is faced by all Indians and most of them don’t know what to do. If you like my work then please do share this post. This was my post on Best app for aging your image


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