Best 5 Fast Charging Smartphones

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Everyone loves using smartphones and 90% of the smartphone users want’s a better battery life along with fast charging support and nearly an all-rounder phone.There we are discussing about best 5 fast charging smartphones.

5.Asus Quick charge 4.0(zenfone 6)

Asus zenfone 6z is launching on 19th June 2019 on Flipkart. The phone is expected to launch at a price tag of Rs.35,000-38,000.Moreover,it offers you a battery life of 5000Mah which survived till 8 hours of heavy use. But takes a charging time of 2 hours.

Best 5 Fast Charging Smartphones

It could be pixel 3a in my 5th option as it takes only 1 hour 20 minutes. But, their are some homeworks done by me.

First of all, pixel 3a works on old Snapdragon 670 whereas, 6z works on latest Snapdragon 855. Along with it, pixel 3a starts form Rs.45,000 while you have to pay a maximum of Rs.38,000 for 6z.Last but not the least, Pixel 3a offers 4gb ram. That’s why to waste money when you can get 6gb or 8gb of ram in 6z.Hence, it is last on my best 5 list.

4.Redmi fast charge (K20 pro)

In my list Redmi charging is 4th ,as it took 1hr 10 min for a full charge.Although is battery draining test it survived till 8 hours . But due to some lacks in redmi’s newest smartphones it wins the fourth place under best 5.

best 5

I could take dash charger instead of this but dash charger time and redmi time is almost same. But ,it defeats dash charger under battery usage.

Redmi k20 pro is launching soon and best part is under 30k .You can go for it if you want a budget beast.

3. Warp charger (one plus 7 pro)

Warp charger is best fitted in 3rd list and now available with a great smartphone. Although it takes 1hr 5 minutes -1hr 20 minutes for full charge. Along with it its a shocking statement that one plus 7 pro drains slightly faster than one plus 7 .

Compared to one plus 7 or dash charger no doubt it is fast and more attractive because of its curved notch free display.

Best 5 Fast Charging Smartphones

Moreover i told that pixel 3a or 3axl is good battery phones because in Rs 55,000 if you are getting a perfect camera,4000Mah battery,curved display,8gb ram and Snapdragon 855 then why to see for pixel .

2. Super charge(Huawei p30 pro)

No doubt, Super charge is really a super charge . If you are willing to buy i phone or galaxy s10 plus phones, don’t buy without knowing about this one.

p30 pro offers a huge battery of 4200Mah . Don’t worry like 6z it will not take 2 hours . In general, it takes only 55minutes to 1hour for full charge and trust me it manages the battery life the hardest.

best 5

Even the no.1 charger phone got defeated by it. Moreover, it has a curved Amoled display ,supports Wireless charging .Talking about its camera ,you will get complete satisfaction . Even you can enjoy its 50x digital zooming photography with included amazing low light camera . The price is little bit high but it’s worth every penny.

Some readers confuse that there is no vooc charge , for their convenience let me tell them vooc is slower than all 4 chargers .Whatever it beats in charging speed but trust me it can’t in battery draining test.

1. Super vooc charger (R 17 pro)

Best 5 Fast Charging Smartphones

Oppo is clear cut winner in best 5 fastest chargers. Their are more upcoming oppo smartphones with the support of super vooc support.

Best 5 Fast Charging Smartphones

It completes charging in just 40 minutes and have an average drainage. Although coming under 30k, it’s a good deal. Also offers you 8Gb ram with cool camera quality . Remember oppo first phones . They are great in camera .

Moreover, the phone does not meet the full requirements like one plus or huawei. But no one can replace its speed of charging till now.


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